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Round 25: Sign Up

I actually remembered that I intended to do a special round this round (usually I do when I want to post the prompts and then everyone already has claimed something...) - so we're going to a have a "free for all" round. This means you can icon whatever you want (as long as it's LotR/The Hobbit related of course) for the prompts that will be posted :)

Late Sign Ups!
• If there are fewer than 10 people signed up by the time the prompts are posted, the sign up will stay open until the due date.
• Those signing up late, will have less than 20 days available for 20 icons as they have to follow the same due date!
Additionally, there will only be one claim per person per round.

• Please be aware that you only have 20 days to make 20 icons: If you don’t think you’ll be able to do that, please leave others the chance to claim it.
• Please note, that if a claim is not fulfilled, you won’t be allowed to claim anything in the following round.

Please use the following format when claiming:

Username: (the one you will post the icons under)

For ease of use:


# Participant Country Completed?
01 [personal profile] immortalje Germany
02 [ profile] halliwell USA
03 [personal profile] larmay Germany
04 [Unknown site tag]
05 [Unknown site tag]