Oh icons, my icons...

Oct. 19th, 2017 07:45 pm
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About that icon making thing... during my vacation back in August, I made two icons (strictly speaking it's two versions of one icon) of Newt faking to sleep. I'm not sure if I like the colouring. One time I look at it and I like it and the next time I hate it. I've also got a lot of pictures picked out to make icons from.

I haven't opened Photoshop since.

Okay, my focus is more on typing up all of my handwritten stories and I guess I have kind of banished icon making until I'm done with that. Whenever that happens. At the beginning of October I've considered doing a bit of NaNoWriMo for myself (aka without officially signing up) but I had hoped to have everything typed up by then. Well, I haven't worked on it since early October. Instead I've added more handwritten notes to be typed up, because I'm such a good girl *tries to grin innocently*

Well, with my recent re discovery of CSI:Miami, I've looked at my icons... Right. I won't be using any of those. I made them before I switched to saving as png and they look it. It doesn't help that 10 years on (or was it longer than that?), I've switched my pairings around and actually don't like a character as much as I used to. And if I ever saved icons from other people? I deleted them in my clean up in August.

On the other hand, I haven't tried looking around yet. I fear that they may have all died the Photobucket death.

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Oct. 13th, 2017 02:38 pm
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My sinuses hurt like crazy still so I'm still spending a lot of my time sleeping off benedryl because it's hay fever season and all the allergens from up North are flying through the air to Florida. Of course I'm also allergic to dust and pet dander and all sorts of fun stuff.

So I've spent most of my time sleeping, reading fanfic, and listening to music and forcing myself to move so I don't get a blood clot. Despite this it's managed to be an exciting week.

I discovered a new recipe that Ian and I loved, that was very healthy and involved spaghetti squash. I always love when a new healthy recipe is a hit. Ian loved it and normally spaghetti squash recipes get a meh.

Ian's giving lectures to my roommate and childhood best friend (Bri) about circuits and electricity because she really wants to leave retail so their seeing if she has a knack for it, so she could maybe get a job as a designer. It's been fun.

Bri got a second job, cleaning houses for a lady that does rental homes here. She'll make some good money and hopefully stop running out of money well before she gets her next paycheck.

She gave me a scare on Monday or Tuesday. First Ian was tired and grumpy at me and then she arrived home and I left my room and chirped at her.

She finished putting her stuff in the fridge. And made eye contact and her eyes looked all bulgy like she was going to kill me. She stomped to her shower and I went into my room to hide because I thought she was made at me. And I didn't come out until I was certain she was asleep.

Later I recieve texts from her and I come out and it's how I found about her second job, she'd told Ian and thought he'd told me and found out that she'd been pissed at her boss from her retail job and thought she'd said hello.

We had a good laugh and I was reassured that she wasn't mad at me. I am having fun teasing her about though.

Childhood best friends if you can't mock one another gently what is years of friendship for?

She still mocks me about the candle incident after all.

It was my birthday and we were walking down the cake aisle and I held up birthday candles and said I wanted something to blow on my birthday. She cracked up. A stock person stocking said aisle looked at me funny. Ian quit coming towards us with drinking supplies and I was confused and then bright red.

And that was five years ago? Perhaps more...

I'm also fascinated in the fact that Europe is getting a hurricane. I didn't know that could happen.

I hope everyone effected takes the appropriate safety precautions and makes sure to have water, food supplies and candles.

And I think I've babbled enough.

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Oct. 9th, 2017 07:07 pm
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Had planned on going upstairs to type an entry but cleaning earlier made me dizzy, itchy and gave me a sore throat (didn't realize Ian had bought the with bleach variety of comet and I'm allergic to bleach)... So I spent the afternoon snuggling with my Boo cat. At least the stomach aches of Friday and Saturday are gone. I missed out on an outing with Ian and Mum to my favorite restaurant. Ian brought home leftovers though,so I had some on Saturday.

I also must thank the train. That's stopped by our house blocking the road. Since it's staying there a while, Ian has turned his car around and is fetching me the food I'm craving for supper since he's passing it anyway as he circles around.

Living near a train Depot (mostly cargo) is handy sometimes. ^_^


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